MyTake: What We Learned This Week—2/26 to 3/2

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All about the produce.

Well, well, well, would you look at that. We’re already in the third month of 2018! Everybody’s least favorite, short month is behind us, and the folks here at MyRecipes are starting to get very excited for spring...mainly the produce. Who’s with us? Before we get too ahead of ourselves (it’s still cold out and the farmers’ market is not bustling quite yet), let’s take a look back on the late winter week that we had.

As we get excited to start filling our fridges with all the fresh produce we can possibly imagine, it’s only right that we start to think about ways to keep these fruits and veggies as fresh as possible. We learned that apparently water (have you heard of this stuff?!) is the key to reviving your limpest, soggiest veggies, and we finally set the record straight on what produce items actually belong in your crisper drawer. Your weekend project is to get your fridge produce section looking like perfection so that you’ll be all ready when spring finally rolls around. And if you fear that the fruit in your refrigerator will reach its last leg of life before you can use it, go ahead and seal it in a zip-top bag and send it into the freezer. Frozen fruit is great for way more than smoothies.

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You guys may or may not know this about us, but here at MyRecipes, we love taking it back to the basics every now and again. This week, we did exactly that and refreshed ourselves on 5 ways to hard-boil an egg (and yes, one method is for the Instant Pot, because this is what the Internet is for), how to prepare fresh artichokes (garlic aioli on the side is not optional), and how to use an air-fryer (they’re seriously FUN). Now repeat after us—“there’s no shame in being a little basic.”

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty lighthearted crowd, so you could say we had our fair share of laughs this week, too. We impressed ourselves with some of the absurd food items that we managed to get past TSA and onto an airplane (Do live lobsters count as an emotional support animal?) and we had a good, collective chuckle about all the times that people have tried to substitute vegetables for bread in a sandwiching context, and it was less than successful. (Looking at you, avocado bun.) As we head into the weekend, we’re getting ready for our swanky Oscar’s party spread, and legitimately counting down the seconds until it’s time for spring.

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